Lucrative LinkedIn Accelerator

An 8-Week, implementation-based, authority-building program that will take you from lurker to lucrative on LinkedIn.

No dancing or pointing at things required.

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You could chase the latest trends on Instagram and Facebook—or you could leverage LinkedIn, and attract clients, podcast interviews, and speaking gigs...

Sure, you continue to post on other social media platforms because you don’t have time to learn a new one (ahem, Linkedin). But how will you really know if LinkedIn is a viable platform for your personal brand if you don’t invest the time to find out?

Stop the devil you know syndrome with social media platforms that's making you chase your tail trying to keep up with constant changes. “Everybody” is not going to Instagram and Facebook to follow industry experts to get advice.

If cutting your message down to simple stuff like dancing and pretty pictures is not translating into high-calbor opportunities, it’s not elevating your authority.

And if your digital presence isn’t elevating your authority, it’s not growing your business—it’s simply entertainment.

Great news: you can be a credible AND carefree expert on LinkedIn.

You’re LinkedIn-curious (and you don’t want to dance) but “LinkedIn is so corporate and stiff.” Or is it?

I know you may think you need a different persona on LinkedIn because everyone in your feed is bragging about work stuff, and you feel weird sharing personal views with your network.

But that’s probably because you grew your network in the 90s. (Okay, maybe not the 90s but when you were working a 9-5.)

If your network is mostly filled with old managers and coworkers, it’s going to be boring (sorry, old coworkers).

Imagine if you had a network filled with fellow business owners and people who (legally) stalk you and look forward to your content. Imagine if you positioned yourself as an expert and got in front of the right people (without having to pitch virtually door-to-door like a milkman competing with Amazon Prime).

Let me guess…

You’re tired of the Instagram social media influencer tactics…

You’re not into pointing and lip-syncing snippets of your message…

You want to look like the expert that you are…

Let me show you another way.

Lucrative LinkedIn Accelerator

Implement the 3-step process proven to help you elevate your authority, attract media features, and land high-end clients.

You’ll get expert support and actionable steps that will give you an easy-to-follow strategy in as little as 30-minutes a day.

You’ll see more progress in eight weeks of guided implementation than you would in eight months winging it on your own.

September 27, 2021 - November 19, 2021


The Lucrative LinkedIn Library

Learn how to confidently leverage LinkedIn so you can grow your business. Get access to no-fluff, easy-to-consume modules and a focused Linkedin strategy that’s aligned with your existing marketing—and can be done in 30 minutes a day. 

The 3-Step Lucrative LinkedIn process designed for small business owners (coaches, consultants, strategists, course creators) includes: 

Step 1: Evaluate your unique value and the goals you're looking to achieve on Linkedin to grow your business. 

Step 2: Elevate your LinkedIn profile, making sure it captures the 4 Cs to Brand Clarity (Clear, Credible, Consistent, Carefree) and connects with the right people who buy)

Step 3: Execute a customized plan to implement with support so that you show up consistently, grow a quality network, and attract high-caliber clients, podcast invitations, speaking engagements, and media opportunities with ease. 

Weekly Hot-Seat Group Calls (access to replays available if you can’t attend)

Held live every Tuesday at 1pm ET for eight weeks via Zoom. 

You’ll get personalized help and answers as you go through the lessons in my Lucrative LinkedIn Library, which you’ll have unlimited access to.  

The focus of each call is to support your weekly action steps so you can confidently post and engage with your people on LinkedIn.  “Does this sound okay?” “How should I update my profile?” “Should I accept that invitation?” “How do I repurpose this for LinkedIn?” Whatever questions that come up, I can help you get clear on what to do next (unless it has to do with things like medicine, pets, or astrophysics. I’m good but not that good).

Personalized Content Reviews 

Get LinkedIn content support with access to my copywriting and media experience that’s landed me on websites like Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc.Thrive Global, to name a few. Every Friday you’ll be able to submit content you're working on for feedback so you can plan your future content and show up intentionally and consistently. 

You’ll have access to your own private Google content review folder so you can brainstorm ideas with an expert thought partner. Understand strategic tweaks you can make to position new or existing content for LinkedIn so you feel confident about how to increase your engagement and grow your network. 

Private Mighty Networks Community

Get the support and accountability in between calls to help you consistently show up on LinkedIn (without another Facebook group to join). You’re probably in enough groups already, but wouldn't mind the additional community to keep you motivated--so whomp, here it is.

Insider LinkedIn Access + Connecting

I’ve been intentionally building my small but mighty (and engaged) LinkedIn network since 2011. You’ll get exclusive insights and lessons I’ve learned along the way (e.g., how I get selected for the newsletter pilot, which content formats work best for your industry, new features to keep in mind etc.). Also, my network is filled with a variety of brilliant entrepreneurs, journalists, podcast hosts, and event organizers.  I love connecting with my clients with matching opportunities come up, so if I know, you’ll know too.  

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As a Lucrative LinkedIn VIP, you’ll get special access to me to support your progress during the program. In addition to EVERYTHING in the Standard plan, you’ll get a personally curated experience that includes:

Custom LinkedIn Profile Writing + Strategy Session  

You get to ride in the passenger seat while I take the writing of your LinkedIn profile off your hands. This is a rare opportunity to get a “do-it-for-you” LinkedIn makeover from me. We’ll meet for a 1-hour strategy session so we can talk through your business goals, audience, and key differentiator. Next, leave the rest to me to create a revamped “Headline” and “About” section that’s magnetic and compelling so that you’re seen as an expert and attract your ideal clients. 

Private 1:1 Calls 

You’ll get access to FOUR private calls with me to answer any questions, review content, or simply additional support if you have any challenges you need to work through. You’ll feel supported with honest feedback and compassion as we work through a strategy that feels good and is perfect for your experience.  

Daily Content Review

Need help with content? You don’t have to wait until the designated content review on Fridays. You’ll be able to submit content for review in your personalized Google content review folder from Monday-Friday and get a response within 48 hours. Increased opportunities to get feedback will help you keep the momentum as you find your sweet spot with your message and posting frequency.

Voxer Access

Get individual help Monday-Friday, in between calls, if you have a question, you're stuck on what to do, or want to brainstorm an idea. You’ll receive a same-day response so you have continued support and access to my brain and get unstuck when you’re not sure what to do next.

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What Has LinkedIn Done For Me?  

Hey there! I'm your instructor, Marietta Gentles Crawford. When it comes to building your authority on LinkedIn, I know a thing or two about it. I’ve bottled up my 10+ years of knowledge levering LinkedIn so you don’t have to wing it.

A couple brag-worthy things just so you know… 

  • Launched my side hustle into a full-time business 
  • Landed bylines on top websites like Business Insider, The Muse, Fast Company, and Thrive Global, I always credit the early articles I published on LinkedIn for helping me build my portfolio outside of my own website.
  • Speaking gig with 5k global tech  
  • Business insider feature about speaking gig 
  • Podcast invitations
  • Social proof for potential clients checking me out to see if I’m legit 

And I’ve done this all without chasing the latest groove. But still maintaining who I am as a credible brand. (I keep my dancing on the dancefloor and singing in the shower.)

Marietta Crawford

This program is for you if you want to….

  • Attract the right clients who need your expertise
  • Position yourself  as an authority in your industry
  • Get in front of podcast hosts, journalists, and speaking coordinators for media opportunities.
  • Grow your email list with people who would be interested in your programs, courses, and 1:1 services.  
  • Engage in genuine conversations with your ideal clients and colleagues you respect
  • Write quality content (aka thought leadership) that stands out without dancing, pointing, or competing with cute puppies. 
  • Get accountability and direction on how to use LinkedIn so the content you're currently creating gets engagement and has the maximum impact

Kudos About Marietta

Deepshikha Sairim

Marietta is the expert to go to if you want to learn about LinkedIn. In just three months, my connections on LinkedIn doubled, I got invited to be a guest on a podcast, and got featured in Authority Magazine, all because of Marietta! She’s the real deal if you want to build you personal brand on Linkedin.

Deepshikha Sairim
Business Mentor, Sales Coach

Melissa Houston

Marietta knows her stuff!

She’s simply genius — especially for, but not limited to, LinkedIn! I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Laura Belgray
Copy Expert,
Founder of Talking Shrimp

Shirley Yearwood

Marietta wrote a LinkedIn profile for me that made me look professional and told my story with great impact. In fact, during our time working together, I landed a feature of my business and story on  Marietta’s LinkedIn coaching was superb, and I am more than happy with her work. She is very patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marietta if you need help building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Shirley Yearwood
Health and Wellness Speaker

Hillary Weiss

Marietta's not only a savvy genius, she's a refreshing voice in the sea of shouty sales messages. An example? She sent one email with a tip that helped me write a FB post that doubled our - paid - webinar registrations overnight. Literally - I hit post, went to sleep and woke up with a bunch more paid notifications. Plus, people loved the post! Moral of the story: Get on her email list, work with her... however you can be in her orbit, do it. You'll be a happier (likely richer) person for it.


Edward Bell
Founder & Copywriting Muse, Words By Hermes

Melissa Houston

Within weeks of working with Marietta, I quickly noticed a difference in my LinkedIn presence and engagement. The ideas she gave me for sharing content has helped me attract quality professionals who want to connect with me. I’ve increased my network by over 75% while working with Marietta and have received invites to be a podcast guest and speak at multiple events. Marietta’s very professional, personable, and easy to talk to. She really helped me better understand how to use LinkedIn to grow my business. I’m happy to have worked with Marietta!

Melissa Houston
Business Financial Coach

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